ABS-CBN Digibox DTV schedule to roll out starting this June


Have you heard of the Digibox from ABS-CBN? This Kapamilya Digital Box can produce better picture and sound quality compared to analog system. ABS-CBN conducted DTV trials by giving this Digibox  for free in more than 1,000 household all over the Philippines. They said that, its a high-tech standard that uses digital signals for broadcast of free-to-air content and they are getting lots of positive feedback.

We are located somewhere in uncivilized area of Rizal and television and radio signals is a main issue here. I’m currently subscribe to a service that use a Digibox and a satellite disk to provide high quality TV viewing experience, it only cost me P250.00 a month for 16 channels. If this Kapamilya Digibox can provide HD channels, I will cancel my subscription and switch to their DTV.

DTV Digibox is for those who can’t afford cable subscription, those who located near tall buildings that blocks the signal, or far away places which cannot be reach by analog signal. If your television can only get free-to-air channels or unexplained interference in your area, this DTV is a solution to your problem.  By the time ABS-CBN launch DTV, this list will include Channel 2, Studio 23, GEM TV and NBN. Once they get the final guidelines from National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), DTV will be launch June of this year.

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17 Reply to “ABS-CBN Digibox DTV schedule to roll out starting this June”

  1. am waiting for this one! real HD channel for HD TVsang labo kase ng reception kahit cable pa.. need na natin talaga mag switch sa digital box! =)

  2. Available na po ba itong abs cbn digibox at saan po makakabili? Tagal ko na hinihintay ang announcement wala pa din po.

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