Angry Birds app Beta now playable on Facebook


These popular Angry Birds is now playable on Facebook and will features same birds and gameplay but they added social components. If you’re a fan of Angry Birds in your mobile phone, you will experience the HD version in Facebook and there are no lag or delay like in some Android phones. ¬†Angry Birds started in iOS but now, its a multi-platform game which is closing on one Billion download across various mobile devices, and now with Facebook 800 million users.

Angry Birds on Facebook features three places with exclusive levels: ‘Poached Eggs’, ‘Surf and Turf’ and ‘Mighty Hoax’.

They also added some skills and items to make the game more exciting and challenging, including slingshot, targeting scope, super seeds and bird earthquake.

Users spend real coin to buy more in-game power-ups.

If you want to see the coolness of Angry Birds Beta, click here and log-on to your Facebook account.

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