Apple’s iPad 3 will be announce on 7th of March

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Apple’s next iPad is still the much-anticipated tablet of this year. There are rumors about hardware specs and concept design online, and after so many speculation, Apple sent out invitations for the announcement of their new tablet in San Francisco. On the picture above, the Calendar application is visible with a number “7” inside which means that the event was scheduled for March 7. Apple is rarely shows up at any event, they failed to attend the Mobile World Congress too, and the only way to get more details is to wait until March 7. The changes in hardware specs expected are quad-core processor, Retina Display, better camera, long life battery and 4G capability. There is also speculation that the display will be in 3D without using a  3D glasses. If you have a plan to spend your money in iPad 3, this will be enough reason to make the next iPad more expensive than iPad 2.


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  1. For the time being, I am contented with my blackberry. Maybe in the near future, I am consider.

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  2. Henry,

    I am not sure whether I can take directly the articles from your blogs bc google does monitor on the cut and paste issue. I like this Ipad article so much and the 3 others that follows are superb too.

    Definitely the link will be there bc I need to acknowledge and respect the author of the articles. Would it be possible you zip about 4 of your latest and sent to my email???

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