Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge Movie in Philippine Cinema Soon

This will be the first Hunter x Hunter animated movie that will be screened internationally. The movie title is Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge is completely original story where¬†Kurapika continues to pursue the Phantom Troupe but an unknown party has stolen his “scarlet eyes”. The true identity of the one with the No.4 spider tattoo is about to be unveiled.
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Hunter X Hunter 2011 Chimera Ant Arc Opening

Chimera Ant queen HXH


Hunter X Hunter episodes was ended in Greed Island season on Philippine TV in the year of 1999. My friend told me about the remake of the popular anime last year and has a title of Hunter X Hunter 2011. Story is still the same but what I like about the changes are things become more entertaining starting with the hunter exams, battle scenes improves, and skills like Nen was also well explained.

The good thing about the remake is the story after the G.I. Final which is the encounter with the chimera Ants Arc. After they’ve completed the Greed Island, Gon and Killua transported to Kite when they used the accompany card (planned by Ging). Kite is a Contract Hunter who was trained by Ging and gave him his final test to find Ging. Kite currently doing ecological research as part of biological survey when Gon and Killua met him.

Kite 2011

I’m so glad that after over 10 years, they decided to make episodes after Greed Island. I was surprised when I saw the new opening theme of this anime. Hunter x Hunter third opening titled “Departure” sung by Masatoshi Ono, featuring Chimera Ants based on manga.


One Piece Movie 11: Mugiwara Chase first time to be in 3D

One Piece Mugiwara Chase is known as the movie 11 but its a medium-length film that takes less than an hour. The story about the missing straw hat of Monkey D. Luffy that is set before the timeskip and it’s the first One Piece movie released in 3D.

I already watch this movie and just want to let you know that it is now available to watch online. Here are some screen shots from my downloaded video.

Slam Dunk Opening Theme Live Video

Slam Dunk, sports-themed manga series about a basketball team from Shohoku High-School, it had been adapted into an anime series by Toei Animation which had been broadcast worldwide. This popular basketball anime series influenced and motivated many people to play basketball. It also got a commendation from Japan Basketball Association in 2010 for helping popularize basketball in Japan. I got two videos of Slam Dunk opening live action from YouTube.