PlayStation Vita games can be transfer to PS3 or PC

Apps and OS

PlayStation Vita storage is not enough to save lots of HD games and videos that you want to purchase. If you have lots of repurchased PSP content, internel memory won’t be enough that’s why there’s they made an expandable memory slot. An application was made to let you transfer data between PS Vita, PS3 and to you PC if you want other place to keep your PS Vita’s photos, music, videos and game content.


Large memory is always better for portable gamers to access their content for sharing and to use other feature anytime anywhere. The cheapest Vita memory card is 4GB which is not ideal that’s why Sony is giving us an option to use our PS3 or PC as a storage.


PS3 update ver3.72

Apps and OS

System Firmware 3.72 is just a minor update from 3.70 that was release in August. According to Sony, the update improves the stability and playback quality during use of some PS3 format software and network services. You will need a minimum of 190MB of free space on both PS3 HDD and on removable storage device. Its been a months since I last use my PS3 but the last time I was online in Playstation Network was February of this year.

I owned a fat white PS3 system and I borrowed the Vanquish blu-ray disc from my friend Jehz. I just got the disc recently and its the reason why I took my console out of my cabinet. I missed Playstation Network and I updated my PSN Trophies. I have Asian and Europe account and both are link to my Facebook account that’s why my FB was flooded my Playstation Trophies.

If you have a fast internet connection, its better to connect your modem directly to your PS3 using the ethernet cable and select system update from the Xross Media Bar because update shouldn’t be interrupted. For me, its more safe to update your PS3 using a USB thumb drive or memory stick duo in your PSP system. You can download the update file here.

Follow this simple Instruction:

  • Folder name is case sensitive and must appear in all capital letters
  • On your PC, create a folder named “PS3”
  • Within the folder, create a another folder named “UPDATE”
  • Download the PS3 system update under UPDATE folder
  • Unplug the device and plug it in to PS3 USB port
  • Navigate to Settings on the PS3 Home Menu, select System Update and then update via Storage Media
  • Select the connected device and your PS3 will automatically detect and install the update data
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Facebook New User Interface – Timeline

Apps and OS

After Google launched their  new social networking website – Google+, I heard that lots of people enjoyed it because its spam less and more attractive than Facebook according to others. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg won’t let the company down, remember after so many improvements that they’ve done with Facebook, the most attracting feature which they have recently is when they merge with the most popular VoIP and video calling service “Skype“. And now, they announced that the new Facebook update will totally make a major changes on the user interface, they called it “Timeline“, and when you look at it, its like more on visual than the previous version.

I updated my FB profile recently to the new Timeline,  as you can see, there’s a large picture at the top that they are calling it as your “Cover“. Below your picture are your basic profile information, friends and photos. I noticed that the changes are only on your profile and if you go back to Home, its pretty much the same.

Facebook Timeline is already available to all Facebook members, but its not an auto-update as of the moment. If you’re really excited to see it, check Tech Crunch website for instruction on how to manually enable Facebook Timeline.