Xperia Play can now run PSX ISOs.

Apps and OS

I heard that you can now run Playstation One game to your xperia play. Its actually a good news for xperia play owners, aside from those games that can be download from sony ericson and android market, you can also make Playstation One game to a ripped PSX ISO and play it on your phone. Its now your chance to play Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Legend of Dragoon, Megaman Legend, resident evil, Legend of Legaia and Valkyrie Profile on you phone rather than downloading Playstation One classic selections from the official website.


New user features for Android 3.1

Apps and OS

Android 3.1 is an incremental platform release that refines many of the features introduced in Android 3.0 and adds a variety of refinements to make the user interface more intuitive and more efficient to use and create powerful and engaging application experiences on tablets and other large-screen devices.

The platform also adds new support for USB accessories, when an accessory is attached, the framework will look for a corresponding application and offer to launch it for the user. Users can attach many types of input devices (keyboards, mice, game controllers) and digital cameras. Applications can build on the platform’s USB support to extend connectivity to almost any type of USB device.
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