The Old Console Dilemma

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Ever found yourself wondering whether or not to sell your “old” gaming console in order to afford the latest generation releases? I’m pretty sure that it’s a quandary every discerning, and more pertinently money strapped, gamer has found themselves in at one point in their lives. You spend anywhere between 3-8 years usually dedicated to one, perhaps two, gaming consoles. You develop a fondness and a loyalty towards it and the brand that produced it. Not only this but you also build up an arsenal of treasured games for it, your personal favourites that you go back to time and time again.
When next generation consoles come out, the opening price is often very high and without a significant financial income most gamers will find it difficult to afford to buy one straight off the bat without making some sacrifices. More often than not this sacrifice comes in the form of a treasured old pal, found in the form of the “old” generation of console. I remember when the xbox 360 came out I decided to sell my xbox in order to afford it and the chances are that when the 720 comes out I will sell my xbox 360 in turn. Did I regret selling the xbox? Well, yes and no. The money allowed me to afford the new console, which I have enjoyed every second of but I did, at least initially, find myself missing the old games I used to play on its predecessor.
I particularly remember being peeved at the lack of backwards compatibility available in the PS3; bizarrely you could play PS1 games on it but not your old PS2 games. Fortunately as the years have gone by and the online aspects of console gaming have started almost to eclipse the offline end of the spectrum more and more classic previous generation console games have been made available for download. Recently we’ve had the HD re-release of the Prince of Persia franchise as well as the old God of War games; both of which I had sorely missed and was thrilled to play through again. Hopefully the next generation will either increase their levels of backwards compatibility, or at the very least release old games online for download more swiftly than they have done in previous years.
Big companies like Sony and Microsoft can’t deny the huge audience base that there is for old, classic and retro games; they have the power to offer their audiences the best of the new and the old with their next generation of consoles. People don’t often purely just want to play brand new games, but like to indulge in a touch of nostalgia from time to time as well. Let’s hope that they bear this in mind with the impending release of xbox 720 and PS4 so that we’re happy to sell our old consoles rather than begrudgingly accepting the necessity of doing so.


Skype App for PlayStation Vita can run while playing a game

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Skype officially released their VoIP app for Sony’s PlayStation Vita which capable of video calls and voice only calls. This makes that gaming device into a super portable internet phone using Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Skype app is available for free download from PlayStation Network in US, Europe and Asia.

PlayStation Vita’s front and back cameras can be use to make video calls, you can also make your Skype app runs while in the middle of the game or other apps running. “Background mode” allows PS Vita to receive calls while playing a game like Uncharted, and you will see an alert on the upper right part of the screen when someone is calling, by pressing the PS button, it will pause the game and let you answer the call, then resume after you’ve finish talking. Skype-to-Skype calls are free and it is capable of calling a landlines or mobiles if you have credit on your Skype account.


Orbis is the name of the next PlayStation, release details and specs

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The rumors and speculation as to what the next generation console would bring have been leaking and a huge topic online again but Sony has declined to comment about the information, citing its policy no to comment on rumors and speculation. The release of the upcoming Wii U, as well as the rumors of the next Xbox “Durango” which is under development have made Sony to push the release of their next genaration console. PlayStation 4 project development is being called “Orbis“, in Latin word means circle, ring or orbit. Combine it with the name of Sony’s next-gen portable PS Vita (in Latin, Vita mean “Life”) and you have the common term “The circle of life”. Maybe, PS Vita will be playing an important role in the development and use of the next-gen console.

As per rumor says, PS4 Orbis will be using AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU. Those are the names given to many of AMD’s 2012 roster of high-end PC cards. Games will be running in Orbis will support resolution up to 4096 x 2160 that is capable of playing 3D games in 1080p. PS3 can also play 3D selected games in 3D but it can only handle 720p.

Unfortunately, Orbis is not backward compatible for PS3 games but this is not final and I hope PS3 titles are still playable to Orbis. New games for the system will be available in two ways, either on Blu-ray disc or download it from PlayStation Network. Gamer should be online and games will need to be link to a PSN account. However, buying a used game is still allowed but you have to purchase an unlock code to play it or you will only play a trial mode like the major part of the game are locked out.

There is no final release date but according to Kotaku’s reliable source, Orbis is being planned for release in time for the 2013 holiday season.


Source: Kotaku