Social Media Gaming Apps of 2014 for Android

Mobile phones have changed dramatically over the past fives years and users claim that one of the main advantages of ownership is the ability to contact friends and family. Now that we have smartphones that can access social media and networking site, we considered its an essential for working people in office and business and teenagers for recreational use such as picture or video editing and gaming. Gaming plays a big role this modern days especially MMO (massively multiplayer online) games that really entertain and cause some addiction.

For working people like me, I usually play games in my smartphone, like mini games that you can play during your free or waiting time. I also suggested to my friends to downloads games that can be connect to social networking site like Facebook.

The first social gaming app that I’ve got is Candy Crush, this year I found some interesting multiplayer role-playing games social gaming apps  for your Android phones that will give you some time of pleasure and fun, time to get away from the world and problems you face. Haha, I’m just exaggerating!


Hello Hero 3 stars Hero

Hello Hero has a traditional turn-based battle system and  fast-paced social role playing game. It features hundreds of playable heroes and diverse environment in stunning 3D graphics. The game is free to download but some game items can be purchased using real money.


restaurant story for android

Restaurant story features hundred of dish selections that you can customize and choose a top-class menu to suit your tastes. You can also invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors and exchange secret recipes with them. Updates for this game release weekly with new dishes, decorations and themes so the game continually gets even better. Restaurant Story is free to play but it can only be play online.


Papa Pear Saga game for android


Papa Pear Saga is made by King, developer of the popular Candy Crush Saga especially here from where I am. The game is easy and fun to play but it has challenging levels that needs to master. There are 100 levels filled with fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies, and leaderboards for you and your friends.

There are other social games that was previously released and still popular this year like Parallel Kingdom, Oh my Hero and Candy Crush Saga. You may also like games which you can play and win at the same time in casino game. Some of it offer stunning graphics and interactive entertainment that take social casino games to the next level.

I remember Tetris was became popular in 2012 as Facebook social game but it is now playable in Android with new features and can still be connect with your friends in Facebook. Farmville 2 is now available to play on your mobile phone and it has lots of improvements in graphics and gameplay that you will really love particularly for those who played the first Farmville game. Electronic Arts release the casual life simulation video game series “The Sims” for Android with so many features. And I know, many of you know the game mechanics since this is a multi-platform game and one of the most successful video games series of all time that was first introduced in 2011.

It is not necessary to spend too much time playing these portable games as it will not good for our health and eyes.  We play these games to relax, build social bonds, encourage imagination, creativity and exploration.



Top Games for the Nintendo Wii U

There has never been a better time to buy Wii U. A recent price cut has made the console one of the cheapest pieces of next-generation hardware currently available, and its motion gesture technology and innovative tablet controller are completely unique. Even better, Nintendo Wii console has considerably strengthened its launch line-up of games in recent months, and the Wii U now boasts one of the most diverse and interesting selection of video games titles on the market. Here are some of the best reviewed games currently available for the Wii U.
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God of War Ascension Multi-player Mode

GOW ascension title screen

I am not updated in gaming world anymore that’s why I’m not aware of the upcoming God of War game in PS3.  God of War Ascension is a new action-adventure game developed by Sta. Monica Studio and it was first introduced in E3 2012. It is going to be the first GOW installment to feature multiplayer with revamped combat and weapon system, and new game mechanics. A multiplayer beta was held from December 12, 2012 to January 21, 2013.

GOW Ascension will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment (exclusive for PS3) and scheduled to be released on March 12, 2013.

GOW ascension heroes

GOW multiplayer mode

God of war multiplayer

GOW ascension multiplayer map


Monster Hunter 4 to be release in early 2013 for Nintendo 3DS

Capcom announced that the new Monster Hunter is already under development and titled Monster Hunter 4. It is also the second Monster Hunter series to be launched on Nintendo 3DS. Last year, December 10, 2011, Capcom released the Monster Hunter 3G that features downloadable event quests and target camera feature that focus the hunster’s perspective on nearby boss monster.

Monster Hunter 4 was also announced at Tokyo Game Show 2011 and now, the new trailer has been released featuring various monsters from previous game like Rathalos and Tigrex, greater emphasis on platforming with cliffs and walls can be climbed easily in any direction with a large environment shown in the trailer battle versus monsters. Sounds more adventure and challenging in this new gameplay changes. Another cool thing is hunters has the ability to grab any part of the boss monster and attack them.

When I saw the scene at the end of the trailer with a new black monster, I wonder what will be the new Flagship monster skills and look like. I haven’t heard much about Monster Hunter 4 earlier this year and we need to wait a little longer to get more updates. Capcom revealed that the released of the game is in Spring of 2013 in Japan exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. That is the sad part, how about for those who owned a PS Vita, we are a fan of Monster Hunter and most of us played the previous game for more than 500hrs each title.


A hunter vs. Tigrex and Rathalos trailer, a very epic battle!


Monster Hunter 4 new Trailer, it seems to be the promotional trailer 😀

Temple Run Coin Magnet Trick and easy 1M score for beginners

Temple Run is one of the most popular app in iOS and Android today and still getting high number of downloads until now. I downloaded Temple Run on my Xperia mini and play it during break time or before I go to sleep just to kill time. It is not easy to earn coins and get a score more than 1 million if you don’t have coins to purchase power-ups. Apple’s iPhone and iPad has a very responsive touchscreen but other smartphone’s unresponsive touchscreen will be an issue too in getting highscore.

If you already upgraded the Power-ups, try to uninstall and re-install the game. Play Temple Run and earn coins to upgrade your power-ups. Do not spend your coins to other power-ups because it cannot be downgraded. Instead of upgrading all Temple Run power-ups, just upgrade the coin magnet and coin values. Temple run coin magnet is the best power-up to get coins especially the red and blue coins, this is important in achieving a highscore.

When you have lots of coins but not satisfied with your highscore, purchase a resurrection and boost. Resurrect can be use many times in the game while boost can only be use once.