Marvel announced that Iron Man 3 will be release in 2013


Do you think that its a good idea to release the Iron Man 3 in 2013? Avengers will be release first in 2012 and another Iron man after that. The movie is still under development and its not a good idea to rush it. Thor and Captain America hit the theaters in 2011 and it would be better if they release the Iron Man 3 before Avengers hit the theaters.

Director Jon Favreau king of confirmed that the Mandarin will be the next villain in Iron Man 3.

The Mandarin is a Marvel Comics supervillain and an enemy of Iron Man who uses a combination of superhuman martial arts abilities, alien science, and the ten energy-blasting rings.

The villains in the first two movies of Iron Man are tech-based and this time, an enemy who use magic. Others may think that it doesn’t seems right but that will be fine as long as the movie can explain how did Mandarin got those powers and skills.




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