Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta hits more than 2.7 Million players online


According to Naughty Dog, the elements that are integral to its success; cinematic gameplay and giving players the chance to customize the look and feel of their experience. Other great thing that you can do online is to play split-screen with your friend which is actually supported and will also allow ¬†two different PSN IDs to be signed in on the same console at once to track each player’s kills, deaths and leveling progression. Read More


Next iPhone won’t look any different from the current one.


iPhone 5 is expected to run iOS 5 but still in beta stage and expected to be completed later this year. Design is exactly what Apple is thinking, as well as hardware upgrades, like a dual-A5 processor and an 8-MegaPixel camera. There will be some changes to the current one in order to remain competitive in the smartphone market. Read More