Dragon Ball 1st Ending Theme, Philippine English Version


This old original Dragon Ball ending song brings back my childhood memory. When I was in elementary, the first season of Dragon Ball was at 6pm every Thursday. I remember that watching an episode usually complete my day as its my favorite anime during those days. Now, every time I hear the song, it will make you feel that life is exciting and free.

When I search for this song before, I typed in Dragon Ball ending song English but it gave me an unfamiliar English version. I tried to look for other video cliffs and I found out that the English version that I was looking for was created in the Philippines. They did a great job and I really appreciate the lyrics for this ending song.



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  1. I love the design of your blog… 🙂 Keep this up! Will be adding you to my reader 😀

    Anyway, a comment about the post 🙂 I was a big fan of dragon ball but never saw and ending..

  2. Hey, I love this song too. I remember myself trying very hard to find this music on youtube and its lyrics. I didn’t know back then the title “A World Filled With Love”. I love it not only because of its good lyrics and catchy tune but also because it brings back old memories of my childhood hero Goku. hehe

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