Experience the real combo in the new King of Fighters XIII


The first KOF I’ve played is King of Fighters 98 going back in the year 1998 when I was in high school. I was fully understand the gameplay and character background and skills when KOF 99 millenium edition was release. You will expect the traditional KOF fighting, some pretty wild combos, desperation moves and Neo Maxes that will surely bring excitement to versus fighting gamer.

Just to give you a brief introduction about the game for those who never played KOF before, this is a lot different from Street Fighter or Tekken. King of Fighters series is a 3 versus 3 fighter using four button in your game pad, you have the ability to run, hop, counter attack and dodge roll. There are many offensive movements and lots of combos in every single character. There is also a guard break meter, you cannot just keep on blocking and wait until it breaks and get a full damage combo.

I heard that every bit of negative feedback from the last KOF has been addressed here, it proves that SNK still cares about the fans. I would like to thanks SNK for making KOF XIII and I hope that this is not the end of KOF series of fighting games.


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