Final Fantasy XIII – 2 will be release early 2012


Another upcoming role-playing game from FF series developed and published by Square Enix for PS3 and Xbox360 platforms and its a direct sequel of Final Fantasy XIII that was released in 2009.

I played and finished the first Final Fantasy XIII and I experienced a unique battle system from Square Enix. I this part, Lightning, the main character of the game has disappeared into an unknown world five years after the events of FF XIII.

The E3 Video trailer shows the battle system that looks like no difference from the previous game and the new character Noel Kreiss, a stranger native of Gran Pulse and uses two swords as weapons, one large sword and a dagger-like weapon. Serah Farron, younger sister of Lightning is still part of the game and Noel seems to be her new protector. I don’t know what happened to Snow, Serah’s partner in the previous game, I didn’t see him in the video. I can’t wait to find out what happened to the previous character of the game and I thought that the game will be release Q4 2011 but its actually early of 2012.











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