Food Wars: The Third Plate

Anime TV show

Are you a fan of cooking, and anime fan as well? I highly recommend the anime Shokugeki no Soma or Food Wars (english title) that will give you realistic and amazing idea in advanced culinary world.

I was actually searching for top 10 ecchi anime of 2016 when I saw Food Wars. What I like about this show is the main character’s skills and his dream to dominate the most elite culinary school in the world. You will also see real cooking techniques and recipes that will motivate you to experiment on your dishes.

I thought that its complete and season 2 will be the last but I was surprise that there will be a 3rd season when I saw this picture above. The image features Yukihira Soma, Erina Nakiri, Azami Nakiri (Erina’s father), Eishi Tsukasa (Elite Ten 1st seat), Rindo Kobayashi (Elite Ten 2nd seat).

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