Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge Movie in Philippine Cinema Soon


This will be the first Hunter x Hunter animated movie that will be screened internationally. The movie title is Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge is completely original story where¬†Kurapika continues to pursue the Phantom Troupe but an unknown party has stolen his “scarlet eyes”. The true identity of the one with the No.4 spider tattoo is about to be unveiled.

Hunter x hunter movie

The first anime screened in selected SM Cinema branches was Rurouni Kenshin followed by One Piece Film Z and Naruto Road to Ninja. I’m glad that SM Cinema will also screen the First Hunter x Hunter movie, and according to news, this popular anime is also a top box office in Japan that sold 357,976 tickets and earned 456,779,00 Yen (US$5,143,930). The movie premiered on January 12, 2013 in Japan theaters and will hit the SM Cinema very soon.

hunter x hunter movie SM cinema



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