Apple’s iPad 3 and iPhone 4S Mock Illustration


iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are one of the most anticipating Apple devices this year. But don’t expect too much, its not easy for a top-selling company to launch a new device that will lead the smartphone and tablet market. It is possible that Apple will make same marketing strategy like what they did in iPhone 4S.



Source: thetechlabs


13 Reply to “Apple’s iPad 3 and iPhone 4S Mock Illustration”

  1. I was told that iPhone 5 would have new features but the interface would still be the same. Sucks. I wanted it to be different since I hate touchscreen phones. :/

    I wonder if you can change the theme this time though. 😛

    xoxo, <3 Grysh

    1. You’re not comfortable with touchscreen phone? I think the smartphone competition is to make full touchscreen by removing physical button. What theme is that?

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