LockItTight will help you Secure and Locate Stolen Laptop

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I saw this in one of the website that I visited and I found it useful that’s why I also wants to share it to my friends and to all of you. I’m not aware that there is a software like this to track down a stolen laptop so I found it interesting and I went to its website to check how is it works.

Here are the features of LockItTight apps:

  • Your computer will consistently reports its location to your LockItTight account.
  • Computer will also report screen captures to LockItTight.com
  • You can choose to get a camera shots as well using your laptop camera (this one is amazing!)
  • Key logging or catch every single keyboard stroke and review them on the server
  • File tracking or retrieving your files from the lost computer before wiping them out.
  • LockItTight servers are hardened with all security measures, your data are encrypted with your account password known to you only.
┬áThe temptation is now too strong for thieves due to widespread use of laptops and notebooks. We also have to admit that there’s also some negligence on the user’s part.
The Good thing is that this apps is free but you can only use the free version for one laptop. There’s a paid version for as low as $1.99 a month per laptop if you want to use the software for more than one laptop, you have an option to customize the settings in this version. For the MAC user, I sorry to tell you that this software is only compatible with Windows.

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