Mobile Monster Hunter Social game on GREE


Capcom’s Monster Hunter series of online action RPG will be exclusive to GREE, Japanese mobile gaming company. Monster Hunter series is one of the most successful title in Japan and they shipped over 17million units since its premier on the PS2 system in 2004. The game will focus on exploration, monster raising and battling with characters drawn from Monster Hunter Frontier Online and the goal is to raise the strongest monster on the island. The title of the game is Monhan Tankenki: Maboroshi no Shima, which can be translated to Monster Hunter Exploration Journal: Phantom Island. Capcom already developed lots of popular game series and I hope they continue to look at the social gaming field.

I saw the Monster Hunter game in iPhone and I think the gameplay is so simple but cool. As a Monter Hunter fan, I’m too excited what will the gameplay of Phantom Island look like. GREE is currently accepting pre-registration for the game which will be available for play on various phones later this year.




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