Necessity and Security for Computers and other Mobile Devices


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In 1990s, computers usually found in companies, private schools and internet shop. Every year past, computers play an important role in our everyday life nowadays. Some people say that computers at home is a luxury but whether we realize it or not, computers have become necessary part of the modern life. Considering the fact that we are now living in computer age and other form of computers like tablet and smartphones are essential part of business and studies.

Every year, there are lots of new gadgets, and my friends or a member of my family will buy a smartphones. Before we buy a device, we always check for the features, specifications and feedback to make sure its worth it. In my part, I buy high-end gadgets for satisfaction and I know that everyone will also choose those gadgets with best features and durability that are costly. For expensive gadgets like laptop, tablet PC or smartphones, we buy protectors for screen and body to make sure its safe from scratches or accidental drop but many of us do not pay much attention for software internal security. Computer security is important for protecting our data and resources especially for confidential files. If there is a new song title or movie, it is much easier for me to download it online with fast internet connection. When media files transferred to a mobile devices, we will show it to our friends or transfer it using Bluetooth or USB which is the most common way of sharing files today. I’ve experienced to be hack and problem with internet virus before. We download games and movies that we are not sure if its safe or not, and I felt very disappointed when my high-level character in a popular online game was hacked.

Anti-virus Shield


We have many smartphone users at home, my cousin bought a new laptop just recently, we know that there are lots of threats online like viruses, aside from accessing my sensitive data and personal information saved in my computer, some of this viruses will greatly damage the system software, too. A simple browsing and opening of email would link us or access our system to a number of threats online, that’s why computer network security is necessary for computer owners to keep them protected. You will find ways and precautions to take when you search online to avoid computer virus, there are protections and security can be obtained from number of sources and available not just for PC but for mobile OS like Android. One of them is I tried to download different software to clean and protect our computer, some of them are free trial and others are lite version but free forever. We also have to make sure that our security software should be reliable and can handle any kind of viruses. I always keep in my mind that those people who are serious in creating viruses to sabotage other’s account or system, I also need to be serious to do different ways to stay protected. Remember that having computers is an advantage in many aspect and made our life better.


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  1. This reminds me, I was informed by Google that someone from another IP address abroad tried to access my account. Lalala, why can’t people just make their own account / data / money / identity, etc. Why the hell steal it.

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