New “One Piece” game for PS3 confirmed and titled Kaizoku Musou


The last One Piece game that was developed is in PlayStation 2 and for years now, fans are waiting for Straw Hat Pirates to bring their abilities in console gaming again. NAMCO Bandai and Tecmo Koei (previously rival) announced their partnership to develop an untitled project earlier which is One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (pirate Warriors).

They combined NAMCO Bandai series of anime and manga and Tecmo Koei Sengoku Musou series of action games, also known as Dynasty Warriors. The game will cover the Marineford and timeskip and gameplay would be similar to Dynasty Warriors. It is still under development for PS3 platform.


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  1. Ang macho naman ni lufee jan haha Tama ba spelling? lol. I am not fan of that anime but my brother is. Lagi nya inaabangan sa tv nyan hehe wala naman kaming PS3 so hindi sya apektado jan hehehe

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