Play safe online during London’s big sporting event with Trend Micro’s new Security Hub


Marlow, UK, 10th July 2012 — Finally, after all the waiting the big day has nearly arrived. In less than a month’s time London will open its doors to the world with the greatest sporting event on the planet – this year’s Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games.

While the big event will be a hit with young and old across the globe, cyber criminals are already gearing up their efforts to snare innocent sports fans via dedicated, themed scams. That’s why Trend Micro has launched its very own ‘Race to Security’ hub to provide visitors with fun activities, tips and best practice advice on how to enjoy the event whilst staying safe online.

“Cyber criminals are a well-resourced, tenacious and organised bunch constantly on the lookout for the next big event to make money out of”, said Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communications at Trend Micro. “They are past masters at latching onto big sporting occasions and other global news events like the Royal Wedding or the deaths of celebrities in order to help them steal users’ personal data and compromise their PCs.“

The centrepiece of the Security Hub is an interactive user test: Which Team Are You Part Of? This online quiz has been designed to profile each user according to a number of character types including for example the Curious Observer; Avid Social Watcher or Loyal Supporter.

Based on the results an individual gives, relevant security resources will be presented via the app, including security eGuides; infographics; threat information; links to a security IQ quiz; and blog posts from our TrendLabs research team. Basically, everything a user needs to stay protected.

The hub is also fully hooked into social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and users can join the conversation on Twitter by using the #TrendOnSecurity hash tag.

Dani King, World Champion and World Record Holder, Team Pursuit Cyclist for Great Britain said: “Trend Micro’s Race to Security hub is a one-stop-shop for everyone who is looking to follow the upcoming Olympic activities both online and offline. It provides plenty of information, security tips and best practices to help people make the most out of the events this summer.”

An eye on the threats

Trend Micro’s new Security Hub features links to our TrendLabs blog to bring visitors all the latest on breaking threats related to the Games. Already we’ve uncovered the following:

Spam campaigns featuring words around the sporting event as bait.

Phishing emails informing the user they have won competitions or tickets. To claim the ‘prize’, users will be asked to divulge personal information which could be used by the attacker to commit ID fraud. Emails may be faked to appear to come from legitimate sources such as sponsor companies.

Malware is also being sent to users hidden in email attachments. Once again, the event is used as a lure to trick the user into opening the attachment and automatically downloading the malware – the email claims the attachment contains details of a prize they’ve just won, for example.

Some gangs were already sending themed spam out four years ago, and you can be sure they’ll be stepping up their attacks as the event draws nearer.

“Criminals are opportunists and London’s summer of sports present a potential hotbed for cybercrime”, said Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online. “Trend Micro’s hub is a fun and engaging platform providing insight into the latest threats and security risks related to the sporting activities as well as a range of tips people can follow to make sure they enjoy the competitions securely.”

To know more about Trend Micro, you may contact its local distributor, MSI-ECS, at (02) 688-3181 or [email protected].


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  1. All the best to our athletes who will be joining the olympics hope they’ll bring home the beacon.

    oh great for trend micro Henry for setting up that Security Hub so helpful for the online fans..

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