PlayStation Vita games can be transfer to PS3 or PC

Apps and OS

PlayStation Vita storage is not enough to save lots of HD games and videos that you want to purchase. If you have lots of repurchased PSP content, internel memory won’t be enough that’s why there’s they made an expandable memory slot. An application was made to let you transfer data between PS Vita, PS3 and to you PC if you want other place to keep your PS Vita’s photos, music, videos and game content.


Large memory is always better for portable gamers to access their content for sharing and to use other feature anytime anywhere. The cheapest Vita memory card is 4GB which is not ideal that’s why Sony is giving us an option to use our PS3 or PC as a storage.


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  1. Alam ko ang games pwede naman i-redownload, yun eh kung galing sa PSN Store. Teka hindi ba tulad ng PSP Go ang Vita na wala nang UMD or other media storage except online?

    1. Yes James, no UMD drive saka ung battery built-in na rin. Alam ko may 16GB internal at microSD memory port saka ug mga na-purchased sa PSN store pwede yata redownload anytime.

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