PlayStation Vita multi-tasking capability


Using PlayStation Vita, you can access different features like music collection, your friend list and the system’s Twitter by pressing the PS button. Good news is, you can access those features while in the middle of the game. One thing is not sure yet, according to Andriasang, you can only access the system’s web browser if you completely exit the game means, you cannot just press pause in the game and check for game FAQS and hints which is really needed if you stuck into a puzzle and don’t know what to do next. Sony said that this issue can be resolved using an update after the PS Vita’s release.

Source: Andriasang


18 Reply to “PlayStation Vita multi-tasking capability”

  1. PS VITA must be really good, I was just wondering how much it would cost here in the Philippines?! I love the idea of being able to access those special features, while playing games! PSP Vista is a must have! =)

    1. i luckily found this store in tagum that i always patronized… the owner was closing his shop and probably going overseas and i bought the brand new vita for only 7,900….

  2. I need a lot of saving up once my daughter sees this unit! 🙂 Imagine a 4 year old knows how to operate PSP2, what’s next for the upcoming generation. Ofcourse there’s limit in everything, I allow her on a scheduled basis. Cheers!

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