PLDT myDSL Watchpad Paquiao vs. Marquez live Streaming


Manny Paquiao is a boxing world champion and PLDT myDSL Watchpad is the Philippines’ first broadband entertainment portal.

I’m a boxing fan and wanna be a heavy and quick puncher in my dream. I always watch Manny Paquiao’s fight and I found Manuel Marquez a very challenging opponent. Watchpad is already installed to my desktop since I subscribe to PLDT and now that I know that we can stream the fight in Watchpad, I’ll give it a try this time.

I also wanna share about PLDT myDSL new plan for heavy bandwidth user. It is the Xtreme 4000 with 10Mbps maximum speed that was added  to their high-speed DSL plans. If you are subscribe to Xcel 3000 with 5Mbps of speed, why not upgrade to Xtreme 4000 that will double the speed. I believe its ideal for computer shop owner or residential that shares internet to many Wi-Fi enable devices.


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  1. oo nga ee. laban na ni Paquiao xD nakoo! na excite ako kung sinno manalo. dapat si Paquiao xD nakipag pustahan kasi kami sa techer namin sa quiz namin next week na pag manalo si Paquiao +10 kami. kung hindi -10. haha! xD

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