Skype App for PlayStation Vita can run while playing a game

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Skype officially released their VoIP app for Sony’s PlayStation Vita which capable of video calls and voice only calls. This makes that gaming device into a super portable internet phone using Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Skype app is available for free download from PlayStation Network in US, Europe and Asia.

PlayStation Vita’s front and back cameras can be use to make video calls, you can also make your Skype app runs while in the middle of the game or other apps running. “Background mode” allows PS Vita to receive calls while playing a game like Uncharted, and you will see an alert on the upper right part of the screen when someone is calling, by pressing the PS button, it will pause the game and let you answer the call, then resume after you’ve finish talking. Skype-to-Skype calls are free and it is capable of calling a landlines or mobiles if you have credit on your Skype account.


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