Sony VAIO F series laptop goes Steampunk

Notebook and Tablet

If you’re into modding your gadget especially laptop, you might want to check this one out. This will also help inspire anybody who is looking for some steampunk ideas. Steampunk is an art style and a subculture that is a blend of old and new, as if the Industrial Revolution and the computer age happened at the same time.

Sony loves to explore how technology fits into different subcultures and lifestyles. John “Wilhem” Dunn has been steampunking gadgets for the last few years and this time, Sony VAIO F series laptop got the true steampunk makeover. Wilhem took over two weeks kust to design the initial sketches before a single gear attached or copper detail was soldered.

Just remember, modding your laptop or any gadget will void the standard limited warranty.



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