Angry Birds Rio, my new pastime


 I watched the game trailer of Angry Birds Rio in Youtube and its so funny. I haven’t finish the original Angry Birds yet because its only my pastime during lunch break, of course after I eat so you cannot say that I am an addict. My cousin told me to download the new season of the game, Angry Birds Rio. I found it easier to play than the first Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Rio has just landed on iPhone, iPad and Android devices and its funny animated 20th Century Fox film “Rio”. I’m currently playing this game  in my Sony Ericson W8 which run Android OS ver. 2.1 (Eclair). Read More


Angry Birds Gameplay


In Angry Birds, players take control of a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a group of evil green pigs. On each level, the pigs are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as woodice and stone, and the objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level. Using a slingshot, players launch the birds with the intent of either hitting the pigs directly or damaging the structures, which would cause them to collapse and kill the pigs. In various stages of the game, additional objects such as explosive crates and rocks are found in the levels, and may be used in conjunction with the birds to destroy hard-to-reach pigs. Read More