Strong Rumors about Android OS version 5.0 Jelly Bean will be launch Q2 of this year

Apps and OS

Android OS v4.0 was released at the beginning of this year but still not been rolled out to most Android phones and tablet. You will find it hard to see smartphones running an Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I’m using a Xperia but I haven’t get an OS update yet, what I believe is Android 4.0 can only be run in smartphone with at least 1GHz processor. Even though Ice Cream Sandwich just came out this year, I’m hearing rumors about the next Android version online named Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. According to rumors, Jelly Bean will be base only for tablets and coming to netbooks, too so I don’t believe that Android 4.0 not a success. The main feature of Jelly Bean is the ability to run dual operating system which allow users to switch between the new Windows 8 OS and Android Jelly Bean. Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be release in Q3 of this year and Jelly Bean is expected to be release in Q2 which is April to June. Google is planning to move faster and brings powerful set of features with the next Android to provide competition for Windows 8.


Source: DigiTimes