The Responsibility of Carrying an IBM Professional Certification-Part 2


In part one of this series, we began to discuss some key certification agreement policies set forth by IBM that you must agree to before your certification is granted. In the second part of the series, we will take a look at some additional important basic agreement principles that you need to be aware of as an IT field professional.

One important point involves employment potential. In your certification agreement, you must understand that your certification does not guarantee that you will qualify for any particular employment, as there may be other factors involved in your job candidacy. You also agree that your certification rights are not property rights and, as a result, can’t be transferred to anyone else, and that this cannot be done without the written consent of IBM. As a final point regarding IBM trademarks, you may only use IBM’s trademarked names, logos, and titles as IBM authorizes. You must agree to cease using their professional trademarks if directed to do so by IBM.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, you have worked hard, built rapport with colleagues in the industry, and have hopefully discovered your IT niche. With focused training, educational opportunities, and the aid of exam prep resources like Testslive (click here) to give you that final push through your exams, you have earned the right to call yourself an IBM certified professional. The last thing you want to do is throw it all away by violating your agreement. Abiding by these guidelines will ensure that you advance your career with integrity and professionalism.