Do you agree that Cloud Strife must be the BEST Final Fantasy character?


Cloud is a spiky blonde hair guy with huge buster sword, he is introduced as a former member of Soldier, an elite military unit from Shinra Company. Due to the influence of the Jenova cells implanted in his body he acted out a false persona, but with the support of his friends he regains his true self and grows as a person and become a hero of Final Fantasy VII. Many gamers and teenagers idolized Cloud for many reasons, so, why Cloud Strife must be the best Final Fantasy character?  Its because of his game personality, looks and abilities.

At first, Cloud is an arrogant and proud swordsman, confident of his abilities as an elite member of SOLDIER. His sword swipe attacks looks incredible on the PlayStation and his personality amazed millions of fans around the world. I still hear many fans comparing Cloud and Squall of FF VIII, both of them has great looks, awesome abilities and cool personality. Given that FF VII already established its title in game industry, I believe that FF VIII is the second most popular Final Fantasy and what I really like about Squall is his well-known limit-break, “Lion Heart”.

Cloud was one of the first two characters designed for Final Fantasy VII by Tetsuya Nomura, they make Cloud more mature hoping it could be noticed by the players and the love triangle between Cloud, Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough was also an aspect that they found in the game. The 7th installment in the Final Fantasy series was released in 1997 by Square Co., Ltd. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular games of all time, with the highest sales of 10.5 million copies of any game in Final Fantasy series and the second highest sales for game on the PlayStation platform.

I like all about Cloud Strife but I was not able to play FF VII in PlayStation before, I hope that the rumor online that a remake of FF VII is coming in PS3 is true.

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