Is a long contract right for your mobile phone?


There are many benefits to signing up to a long mobile phone contract, chief among them the opportunity to get a great deal that will cut your monthly phone bill.
We all want the new sparkling and shiny gizmos from Samsung, Nokia, HTC and of course, Apple, but is it really worth signing up for a long term contract?
Things change quickly, not just in life, but in the technology world too. Do you really want to be tied in? Today’s cutting edge smartphone, may, over the course of a standard long term two year mobile phone contract, be quickly relegated to the status of an archaic novelty device. Just look at a mobile phone from just five years ago and see how old fashioned it looks!
Something else worth noting is that if you do sign up to long term mobile phone deals you can be stuck with the same service provider. So if you move to a place, or starting working somewhere, where that provider’s reception isn’t great – and there are plenty of pockets, even in built up areas where this is still the case – you will still be stuck with that provider. It could render your phone useless.
You will get a better rate, that is for certain, if you sign up for a long term contract. So it can sometimes be worth it, especially if there is also an option to upgrade your device at some point further down the line at no extra cost. The choice is yours, of course, but it worth weighing up your options before making a final decision.

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