Monster Hunter 4 to be release in early 2013 for Nintendo 3DS


Capcom announced that the new Monster Hunter is already under development and titled Monster Hunter 4. It is also the second Monster Hunter series to be launched on Nintendo 3DS. Last year, December 10, 2011, Capcom released the Monster Hunter 3G that features downloadable event quests and target camera feature that focus the hunster’s perspective on nearby boss monster.

Monster Hunter 4 was also announced at Tokyo Game Show 2011 and now, the new trailer has been released featuring various monsters from previous game like Rathalos and Tigrex, greater emphasis on platforming with cliffs and walls can be climbed easily in any direction with a large environment shown in the trailer battle versus monsters. Sounds more adventure and challenging in this new gameplay changes. Another cool thing is hunters has the ability to grab any part of the boss monster and attack them.

When I saw the scene at the end of the trailer with a new black monster, I wonder what will be the new Flagship monster skills and look like. I haven’t heard much about Monster Hunter 4 earlier this year and we need to wait a little longer to get more updates. Capcom revealed that the released of the game is in Spring of 2013 in Japan exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. That is the sad part, how about for those who owned a PS Vita, we are a fan of Monster Hunter and most of us played the previous game for more than 500hrs each title.


A hunter vs. Tigrex and Rathalos trailer, a very epic battle!


Monster Hunter 4 new Trailer, it seems to be the promotional trailer 😀