The Power of Television


From serious intellectual documentaries on BBC Four, to episodes of TOWIE on ITV 2,
there really is something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to modern television.
Yet, it’s amazing to think that the TV has really only been a feature of our lives for
less than 100 years. What did people do with themselves before the era of the

Some people who criticise television say that it impedes our ability to use our
imagination, as we simply sit and stare at a box. But that is surely doing the magic
of TV a disservice. From our earliest years onwards, the TV is an educator, a
companion, a friend, a documenter of history, and a source of joy and sadness. In
short, it echoes and reflects our lives, providing a window for us to view ourselves
and each other around the globe.

A Window to the World

How many people are lucky enough to see the majesty of a cheetah running at full
speed in real life? This used to be the exclusive preserve of those who could afford
to go on safari, but this is no longer the case. Thanks to the power of TV, we have
all been able to enjoy it. The same is true for any number of other incredible sites,
places and events.

This summer, the world will be watching the UK. The Olympics really is the greatest
show on earth. Despite it being in our back garden, tickets are so limited that most
of us will miss out. But we will still be able to watch the incredible spectacle, thanks
to the television.

Home Cinema

With the cinema increasing in price, watching films at home has become the new
way of catching up with the latest developments in the motion picture world. Maybe
that’s why screens are getting bigger, and the time between cinematic release and
home release is getting shorter. When you watch the latest blockbusters on a top-of-the-range TV,
you are unlikely to miss the big screen at all.

As well as entertaining and informing, the TV is also an incredible tool of
communication. Major events and incidents are relayed to us via our screens.

Far from being just a box in the corner of the room, the TV is a portal to the world.
Never mind what the critics say, our lives would certainly be poorer without it!