The Smartest TV, Sony Internet TV (NSX-46GT1)


Sony announced that they will equip their new HDTVs with Google TV software.  With a Google browser, search across the entire internet1, TV listings and apps2 for more choices than ever before.  This will also allow users to use their TV like web browsing computer in order to find movies, events and other content to watch. Other great thing in this Sony Smart TV is it will run an Android OS with amazing search capabilities. Sony is not calling the new HDTVs as Bravia, these new model is now called NSX-46GT1 and it will feature 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with a 46″ display.

You will experience quick-loading websites and streaming video with the power of Intel Inside. Sony has been showing off the hardware and some specs and what the TV will look like since early of this year but the interface and platform have not been fully revealed to the public.


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  1. parang nde gaanong magkalayo ung design ng mac monitor at ang front design ng sony internet tv ah. at sa palagay ko marami na namang electronic companies ang maglalabas ng smart tv. 😛

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