Two Years From Now at the Promised Place


One Piece episode 516, Jinbei went back to Fishman Island and ask Luffy to visit him after 2 years. Luffy left Boa Hancock  and decided to go with Rayleigh for his training to develop his skills. In a huge island of wilderness which inhabited by terrifying huge creatures, Luffy will train under Rayleigh for 2 years.

In this training, Rayleigh educated Luffy about the three powerful Haki (literal meaning: Ambition) and explained to him how each Haki works.

“Haki is a power that lies dormant in all the world’s creatures… “presence”, “Fighting Spirit” and Intimidation”… It is not different from the things that humans can naturally sense such as these… ‘The act of not doubting’. That is strength!

Luffy left his Straw Hat in the safest spot of the island and promised his friend that he will meet them on the promised place after 2 years.


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