This website belongs to Henry Tan, a Filipino with a Chinese blood line who loves Japanese culture and traditions. His one and only talent is drawing. He used to draw his favorite anime characters but when he was exposed to the world of gaming, he became addicted to it. He likes to do research about Filipino’s modern life and how digital technology makes our life more convenient. Under the influence of his blogger friend Jehz, he was enticed to create his own blog with a vast array of his own interests from Japanese animation to games, TV series to computers, smart phones to tablets, and so much more. He loves to write about thingamajigs with new features and functions that we can only see on futuristic TV shows during the early 90s. Because he’s so much into gadgets and geek stuff, he made a blog with a technology niche.

Aside from gaming and high end gadgets, he also likes watching cosplay but he doesn’t want to participate simply because he doesn’t have the guts to display himself in front of many audience. He likes Japanese songs too, especially from anime themes, it gives him excitement, courage, relaxation and motivation even though he cannot understand the lyrics. He is likely to not give himself enough credit for the things which he did extremely well. He has a strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty. He is also likely to be animal lovers, and to have a true appreciation for the beauties of nature.

He would also like to thank Jehz of jehzlau-concepts.com who introduce him in to the world of blogging and taught him the basic and simple steps on how to create and manage a blog. Web hosting and blog consultant is also Jehz.

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  1. I love to play video games, too. I don’t have time to play nowadays, though. School and work get in the way of gaming, lol.

    I have all the gizmos for video games, PS3, PS2, XBox, Wii, PSP, DS, GameBoy Advanced, I think there’s another one.

    I’m currently playing Unchartered 2 but I haven’t finished the game since I started it , I don’t know, maybe 2 months ago? ^o^ I just don’t have the time. When I play, more often than not, it’s a 24 -hour activity,… I even stay up to the wee hours of the morning.

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