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What’s it like to be a Dog Lover? Some may ask.

Well, growing up in a family of six with a huge sheep dog named “Chubba” (our first dog) was crazy. We were too young then but my dad never fails to remind us that “Dogs are not pets they are family”. Taking care of Chubba was our only responsibility back then. Feeding her, bathing her combing her shaggy long locks and taking her out every after she eats was a huge responsibility for us four siblings. When she got older and it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge was the hardest to take in.

Ever since then, we just cannot live without a fluffy furry member of the family.

Currently, we have 7 dogs and a rabbit named Gretel. Each of them is unique in their own little furry way.  But there is one member of our pack that has the most memorable story of all. Her name is “Dusty” my sidekick, my “buntot” (tail) as they call her.

She is a mix poodle and aspin. Unlike our other dogs her life was not always been this jolly and colorful. She was born in what they call a bad breeder. My parents found her as a puppy being sold in a crowded market. Imagine 4 or more tiny puppies clumped in a small cage, tongues sticking out because of exhaustion and heat. Horrible! I know. My dad felt sorry for the puppies so he ended up forcing my mom to agree in buying 1 of the poor puppies.  My dad and the seller came to an agreement to sell one of the puppies for Php 500.  And this is her now 🙂

I actually could not remember when she started following me around, and when I say following me around I mean literally following me in every step and every corner of the house. I could never play hide and seek when she is around, my siblings would know where I am especially if they see dusty staring in a corner while wagging her tail.

We could not be happier that she is a part of our family now. She is such a blessing to us. <3

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”    – Anatole France


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