Final Fantasy Agito XIII is now Final Fantasy Type-0


 Final Fantasy Type-0 formerly Final Fantasy Agito XIII is a game added to Final Fantasy series developed and published by Square Enix. The title doesn’t have “XIII” on it and the word Latin “Agito” (meaning to put in motion) has been change, too. This gonna be one of the high-profile Playstation Portable game title and its coming in Japan first October 27, 2011. A release date for English version has yet to be revealed.

Square Enix announced this this final build of Final Fantasy Type-0 at the Tokyo Game Show. The game trailer shows that battle system is a real-time and action-based like Crisis Cor: Final Fantasy VII and it will make use of the ATB (active time battle) system and allow control of multiple characters.

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New Suikoden will be release in PSP


Konami announced at the Tokyo Game Show that a new Suikoden is coming to PSP. I hope that eventually, they release it in PS Vita because I’m planning to get a Vita. I heard that Konami Suikoden team had disbanded and they hired Tri-Ace to develop this new Suikoden which is great. For those who played Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series, we all know that Tri-Ace is very professional in developing RPGs. Their creation always results to fantastic gameplay, story and battle system. Anyway, going back to the game, the title of this new Suikoden is Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. This game is a new story about a hundred worlds, a hundred years later.


Cole MacGrath is joining Street Fighter X Tekken


 Capcom also announced that there would be an exclusive character who has no link between either of the two titles.  Infamous main character Cole MacGrath will be joining Street Fighter X Tekken. I heard that Cole is playable exclusively in PS3 and PS Vita versions when the game release in 2012 . I watched the video when Cole team-up with Kazuya vs. Ryu and Ken. For me, Cole is a character who will give players a competitive edge, his skills and combo is pretty good and I like him as an exclusive character. I almost forgot that Blanka is also part of this game and he has electric shock like Cole, so what will happen if they fight each other? hehehe.