Final Fantasy X remake for PS Vita and PS3 announced by Square Enix


The first Final Fantasy that I played is FF XII in PS2 and it was really amazed me with its game mechanics, battle system and unique storyline. And it followed by FF VII Crisis core in PSP and FF XIII in PS3. I’m actually can’t wait for the next Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIII versus to see the new battle system and awesome characters abilities.

Cloud Strife is a very popular Final Fantasy main character and many fans are asking for a remake of FF VII. I also want to see the remaster version of the game to know the story after the event in Crisis Core but Square Enix developed the remake of Final Fantasy X for PS Vita and PS3 which really surprised me. I’m glad that they choose FF X as their next option since I haven’t play this part yet and I don’t have any negative feedback with this remake.

I uploaded the photo of a very cool FF X character for me, “Auron” and I will make him overpower once I get myself into the game. I have here the Youtube video from where I got the news.


Street Fighter X Tekken



I wanna share this cool image of two main character of the upcoming game Street Fighter X ¬†Tekken (SFXT). Both of them have devil within and I hope that they make it playable when the game release. Street Fighter X Tekken is a 2 vs. 2 Tag team-based fighting game where players can freely tag in and out between partners. The game is a 2D and 3D style fighting game and Fans from each series will also be able to play with either SF’s traditional 6 button layout or Tekken’s 4 button layout! (Fantastic)


Players who are new to either series will be able to join in on the fun with easy-to-understand battle system that provides excitement and countless hours of fun.

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