Take the challenge in Lack of Gravity, Angry Birds Space available for free download in Google Play


Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds released another chapter of the game to maintain the game for mobile devices. The previous version of Angry Birds is based on the 3D movie “Rio” of the 20th Century Fox, the new chapter is set into the space to make it more tricky and challenging, it was entitled Angry “Birds Space”. All our favorite popular Birds are making a come back and features new looks and skills to overcome the  60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity. The game introduced several features like trick shots because of planet gravity, zero-gravity adventures, beautiful backgrounds and hidden bonus levels, it also has regular free updates and hidden items.

Angry Birds Space was released on March 22, 2012 and is now available for download in different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac. Unfortunately, there is no free version available for iOS and you can find the free version in Google Play Store (previously Android Market). It is also available in HD version for $2.99 and ad free version is $0.99.


6 Reply to “Take the challenge in Lack of Gravity, Angry Birds Space available for free download in Google Play”

    1. Ay, free download? Sorry pre hinde ko alam kung panu gawin yun eh. Kapag may Android phone ka, punta ka sa Android market at type mo Angry Birds Space.

  1. this is an amusing read…
    may bagong version na pala ang Angry Birds, we have a computer shop and we have kid customers who love the game…i better tell this to my brother
    thanks for sharing

    ngapala, pasensiya na if there’s traffic kapag nagrarally kami, this is our only way to cry our demands

    1. Para sa mga sawa na sa Angry Birds season and Rio, eto sigurado balik balikan ng mga bata sa computer shop. About sa oil price rally, tama lang na kalampagin ang goverment, mas maganda rin kung may isa pang tigil pasada na kaya paralyze 95% ng transportation.

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